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A Better Strollers Solution

A Better Strollers Solution
Strollers can ruin everyone’s experience at Disney parks. They are eyesores that clutter surroundings, making places like Fantasyland look like the city dump. They also bruise ankles, hold up lines, take up space on buses, and are rarely used by those who need them. Commonly they are used by guests as simply a personal storage locker on wheels.

The goal is to prevent stroller abuse and provide a better experience for everyone when it comes to strollers. This can easily be achieved by only allowing official Disney strollers in the parks or on their transportation, but not the strollers they currently have for rent.

Disney should provide custom strollers that can be easily collapsed and stored in stroller kiosks, replacing the cluttered strolling parking areas. When rented, strollers should be able to be checked out or in throughout the day with a guest’s Magicband from any Kiosk. This will allow strollers to be available when and where they are needed, and discarded when they are not needed.

These regulated strollers could even be provided at a discounted price, or free, as a perk for guests staying on site.