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Prince John and I

Motley Kingdom is a diverse and mixed-matched celebration of theme park life, through original content and varied mediums.

The rise of the Disney small shop sub-culture provided an outlet for my hyper-creativity and Disney fandom. With Motley Kingdom, I’ve set out to bring bold fresh designs representative of 80s/90s iconic skate & surf streetwear. All the shirts and accessories are designed to stand out in everyday life, in the parks or real world. Instead of muting designs to be less "Disney-ish" for non-park wearability, I put an emphasis on style & fashion, not just references, so you’ll look good no matter where you are.

Beyond the shop, Motley Kingdom is a place for me to share with you other original designs, mock websites bringing park backstories to life, unique videos, hand-made creations, theme park memes, and whatever else my mind conjures up. Make sure to follow @MotleyKingdom on Instagram for a Disney fix like no other.

(Yes, that's me with Prince John.)